Who is sapira?

Photo by Anais Cruz

Photo by Anais Cruz


Meet Sam Jacobson...

...the creative talent behind Sapira Design. She summarizes her origin story as an artist: "I've been a maker for as long as I can remember. My parents bookended meals in my highchair with a pile of crayons and construction paper, fueling my imagination by surrounding me with their own creative talents... Now I take the imprints from my creative life experiences and spill them back into the world as paintings and handmade things.". After spending her time in grade school telling anyone who asked that she was "going to grow up to be an artist", she moved to New York City to attend Marymount Manhattan College where she received a B.A. in Theater Arts with a concentration in Costume Design. She stayed in New York for eight years, living and working the freelance designer life and enjoying the rich culture the city has to offer until 2016 when she flew south to build a life as a creative entrepreneur in Austin, Texas. 

A visual artist with a diverse creative background and a keen eye for color and design, Sam creates in a handful of mediums. Her painting is influenced by her background in costumes - telling stories through color and textures and pulling influence from her travels, nature, and social circumstances.