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Bold, bright artwork for sale from female artist Sam Jacobson of Sapira Design. Prints of acrylic painting and mixed media/collage pieces. Enamel pins. Postcards. One of a kind painted clothes. Located in Austin, TX, Philadelphia, and New York City.

"Meshugana" Enamel Pin

"Meshugana" Enamel Pin


This enamel pin is inspired by my favorite Yiddish word meaning "crazy" I figure 2019 is as good a time as any to call it as it is! Pop this piece of flair on your jacket or backpack to celebrate your Jewish roots and embrace the crazy.

Featuring orange glitter and black enamel set into a brass base plated with black nickel. 1 2/8" long, see photos for scale. Has 2 pin points, locking pin backs included.

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