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Bold, bright artwork for sale from female artist Sam Jacobson of Sapira Design. Prints of acrylic painting and mixed media/collage pieces. Enamel pins. Postcards. One of a kind painted clothes. Located in Austin, TX, Philadelphia, and New York City.

"The Dreamweaver" Print

"The Dreamweaver" Print


Inspired by surreal dreams of driving in my Fiat - shrunken down to go-kart size as a message from my subconscious - The Dreamweaver is a representation of the hustle to reach your goals in the most fabulous form possible. The original artwork is paper collage on paper, each tiny piece carefully selected for its pattern or shading. This archival matte print measures 8x20 inches, with a 1 inch border on each side of the image measuring 10x22 inches total.

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Artwork by Sam Jacobson.

The Dreamweaver  in it’s “work in progress” phase!

The Dreamweaver in it’s “work in progress” phase!